Български (България)

Vassil Petrov’s art is a modern type of art, but it  is difficult to grasp it if we do not bear in mind the history and the culture of his motherland – Bulgaria. Under his hands, all colors powerfully become alive on the canvas, with an enormous archetypal fund, the figures quiver, filled with many different, other polar, feelings. His paintings gaspingly pursue symbols and universal metaphors; the bilateral Bulgarian spirit is found there – proud and gentle, combative and poetic. Even under the sign of the strong character, in his paintings there exists the melancholy of the great Orpheus, the legendary Thracian poet who is indivisibly connected to the image of love – chased so long and lost forever, the love that is just a step ahead of him. Many cultural and religious layers are connected to the Thracian singer and it is not by accident that the art of Vassil Petrov portrays passion, fatality and courage united together in one single feeling – of roots and deep spiritual connection. The horizon of Earth and the horizon of faith create the feeling that life is a quiver in the shadow of the overhanging death. All of this could be found in his paintings line that is funded with the taste of discovery, of the human desire to reveal – even though a single image – a history that captivates, and may be, rescues. We, too, have the opportunity to see his works. And we are going to be surprised mostly by the freshness of this painter, who looks so much like a rider, coming from a distant place without losing along the road neither his strength, not his glees and carrying a message which somehow draws us together.