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Vassil Petrov

The art of Vassil Petrov has the power to surprise and to draw us imperceptibly into the author’s dialogue with spaces, times, history, nature, human fates. Canvases that emanate towards us their eternal hope and sorrow, joy and love, mystique and philosophy. An interweaving of the past and present which inspires a feeling of an astringent future. A strange world with no specific time and place. A story of the elements that give birth to life and cause death; a story about love that prevails, the love that brings to life even the dead matter; a story of the celestial female body which gradually turns into an exquisite antique statue and petrifies in front of us as in a fairy tale.

The original meaning of each single detail and form is clear, but combined in the works of Vassil Petrov, they lose their trivial character and turn into elements of the creation of an unified picture that already carries its own new meaning – timeless. Picturesque spaces that elevate us from the Earth’s gravity and the ordinary today and make us see the world as a complicated combination of colors that condense, become still, contrasting, intertwine for a moment and then pass into most delicate nuances, gather together or scatter in order to create a variety of images, symbols, and structures wrapped by the material and the spiritual world. A world in which the artist passes freely through the organized matter and the still life, creating a reality of its own - miraculous as a dream. A reality that is close and warm – as the memory of the past, and bright – as the hope of the forthcoming future.

Adelina FILEVA